is a list builder, url tracker, traffic generator and it is free. Let me talk about the list building feature first since I think it is somewhat unique.  I am not sure exactly what to call somanyhits list building method so I will just call it 2-up.  What this means is when you recruit a referral their first two referrals are passed up to you.  Then, the first two referrals of those that were passed up are passed up to you.  This goes on and on which can build you a large downline.

I know that the 2-up process can be confusing.  Let me see if I can describe it better.  In the 2-up referral system the first two referrals are passed up to the sponsor, and their first two referrals are passed up to their new sponsor.  Let’s say I recruit John.  John starts what somanyhits calls a traffic line. John recruits Mary and Sue.  Mary and Sue are passed up to my traffic line as are their first 2 referrals.  John can now start building his own traffic lines. As this process continues, the traffic lines keep doubling.

This doubling is great in theory but we all know not all the referrals will recruit two members so they can start their own traffic lines. My personal experience is as follows.  I have recruited 35 members in approximately 1 month.  Of those 35 members, 12 have recruited 2 or more members and 4 have recruited 1 member.  I think having almost 50% active members is incredible.  (We all know free programs accumulate a lot of people who just join and never do any work to succeed.) I have never had a free program have this many active members.  And, I am ashamed to say, I never did anything to help these people.  (Believe me I am going to change that.)

If you think that giving your first two referrals to your sponsor before the system starts working for you, you should consider that sign-ups are not hard to find the program is free to join and their affiliate tools are outstanding in helping you achieve this requirement.

I believe the reason the active member rate is so high is the commission structure. Free members can earn commissions of $4, $8, $12, or $20 if any of their referals decide to upgrade.  Upgraded members, pro, get $10, $20, $30 or $50 commissions.  Also when a free member receives a commission, the first pro member in their upline receives the rest of the commission, i.e.; $6, $12, $188 and $30.  (Most of the income I have made so far is from free members in my downline.) has a unique method of upgrading.  You do not elect for a monthly subscription. Instead you choose from a “top-up” period.  You choose how long you want to be a pro member from 60 days, 180 days, 1 year, 2 years, or the recently added lifetime.  Once your pro membership expires, you revert to a free member.  This gives you a chance to check out the advantages of pro membership at a low price.  You are never automatically charged. (So far I have made $58 with my $27 investment for a 60 day pro upgrade. Needless to say, I will “top-up” my membership for a longer period.)

As a list builder, collects the names, emails, signup date and ip address of your referrals.  You can send emails to your referrals every 10 days as a free member and every 3 days as a pro using the html editor in  The one catch is that you have to follow a link from your sponsor before you can send the message. (Not a big deal.)  If you have an auto-responder, you can export your referrals information as a csv file and load it into your own list.  Now you have a list you can use as you see fit. (If your auto-responder allows tags, I would recommend you tag those referrals who have completed the 2-up.  These are your most active referrals and most likely to engage with your emails.)

In summary, I would definitely recommend that you try 

==> Try it yourself for free
==> See how easy it is to get referrals
==> Try a 60 day upgrade and actively promote

I am sure you will find the features of can help you grow your current business or be your first as you grow your list and make some income.